Guide to Navigate Deltona's Storm Water Management Program (SWMP).

Top Menu  
On the top left of the page is the Home Link, which will return to this page. 
To the right of that is the link to these instructions. 
The third item at the top is a drop-down box that contains the date ranges of all MS4 Permit cycles and years. Selecting one of these date ranges will load the tree with the results from that period of our implementation. 
The item titled Download SWMP Report will take the user to a page where some details are given and a download link is available.
Contact Information is the final link at the top of the SWMP Public Tree Page.

SWMP Tree  
The first button is titled Reload to Current Year, clicking this button will always load the tree with the current cycle and year of the MS4 permit tracking.
Remember, you can always select a date range from the drop-down list in the Top Menu. 
When selecting a node on the tree, the user can either click the small arrow to expand the node or click on the title to actually select the node as the active one.
First, a little background about the MS4 Permit.  The State of Florida is authorized under EPA's NPDES section of the Clean Water Act to issue certain municipalities with an MS4 Generic Permit.   In order to receive approval for the permit, the Municipality must develop and implement Best Management Practices (BMPs) with measureable goals in order to acheive water quality improvements, they must also track and report on the City's efforts to acheive those goals. 
Once the Permit, Cycle, and Year nodes are expanded we can see the 6 Minimum Control Measures, opening each of those show the Elements of the MS4 Permit. The Control Measures and Elements are given to us by the State of Florida and cannot be modified. Under each Element is where the City's part comes in, these are the part of the tree that show the City's SWMP which include BMPs, Measureable Goals, and Progress toward those goals. So again, the Storm Water Management Program Tree is structured as such:

Submitting feedback to the SWMP Coordinator
 At the end of each BMP, Goal, and Progress is a link that will say: Comment on this bmp, goal, or progress.
Clicking one of these, you will be taken to another page where you can type in comments, concerns, or questions about that specific item.
If you would like a reply don't forget to add your email address, although it is not required to submit comments.

Your feedback will be sent directly to the SWMP Coordinator for review.
NOTE: Changes can only be made on future reporting, previous and current reporting is already set.

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