NPDES Background

1972 the NPDES was created in section 402 of the Clean Water Act, To help combat the effects of stormwater pollution on the nations waters.

1987—NPDES permits for stormwater discharges into waterways were established.

1990—Municipalities with populations over 100,000 must have Phase I MS4 permits.

1999 Municipalities with populations over 50,000 must have Phase II MS-4 permits

2004—The City of Deltona is granted a Phase II MS4 permit to discharge stormwater by the State of Florida.

NPDES administrators issue permits that allow others to discharge stormwater following certain rules; one of these permits is the MS4 permit for municipalities, like Deltona.

Permittees must follow 6 minimum control measures:

For more information contact the City NPDES Inspector’s Office at (386) 878-8950.

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